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Habit Coach - habit tracking app


About the App

The days when you draw your habit tracker template on a page and export it via PDF or print it are gone. 

Not to steal the human feeling of that old way, our Habit Coach app gives you the opportunity to pick a Coach to help you with ideas, reminders and help you keep track of your feelings. You can literally pick any couch you would like.


Take a look at what makes it one of the best habit tracking app out there

    One of the most important is the actual coach. We named him Spark, and through him, our habit professional team will share new ideas, tips, and information about everything that can help you achieve your goals. Our team also does that on our Medium blog: check it Here.

Habit Coach app - Personal Coach


    Our habit tracking software allows you to add more specific actions to one of your habits. For example, if you have a daily workout habit, you can divide it into 3 parts: Warm-up, Workout, Stretching. This will help you fulfill every aspect of that habit, and you can do this with every habit.

    Goals can also be divided into small targets that will eventually complete the Dream.

Dividing a Task, Habit or a Goal

Your personalty matter!

Feelings play a big part in our life decisions and people should not ignore them, that's one of our beliefs. As a result, we integrated a Mood Tracking app inside the Habit Coach. So now it's like an app within an app, hoping that this is a faster method to track moods than using a mood tracking journal. 

You can save your mood by color and take notes on every new mood. All of them are saved in Mood History and you can check them out at any given time.

Mood tracking app solution

To help our users to have an extensive view on their progress, kind of and before and after picture, we ask them to draw their Life Rainbow, each ray representing one important aspect of life: Relationship, Health, Work, Personal Development, Free time.

Rainbow of Life

We are constantly looking to improve your experience as a user. If you have any ideas that can help us help you, feel free and encouraged to send us an e-mail or contact us using the feedback section inside the app.


Stay strong, coaching your habits! 

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